Case Study: Saving a Life with an Emergency Medical Kit

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The following example of using an emergency medical kit was reported to HealthFirst by Malbis Parkway Pediatric Dentistry in Spanish Fort, AL. HealthFirst appreciates the approval by Dr. Kelly Jones at Malbis Parkway to share this story so that others may learn and benefit. 

A holiday treat causes a medical emergency

During the holiday season in workplaces across the world, it is typical for coworkers and business partners to celebrate and share food treats. In December 2016, Malbis Parkway Pediatric Dentistry received some special baked goods from the local bakery for the staff to enjoy.

After eating a treat, one of the employees at the practice told her coworkers that her lips were tingling and she could feel her airway closing. Soon it became difficult for her to breathe. The coworkers reacted quickly and administered some liquid Benadryl that was readily available, but it did not alleviate the problem.

Prepared with a HealthFirst Emergency Medical Kit

HealthFirst Emergency Medical Kit

The dentist then recommended giving a dose of epinephrine with the auto-injector from their HealthFirst Emergency Medical Kit, which was stocked with critical life supporting medications. The whole staff knew that the kit was located in the sterilization area of the practice for easy access.

The team decided to call their coworker’s primary care physician first to determine whether the epinephrine shot presented any risk. The physician responded that a dose of epinephrine was the right thing to do given the clear signs of an allergic reaction and increasing difficulty in breathing.

Life-saving epinephrine auto-injector 

Epinephrine auto-injector

After the epinephrine auto-injector was administered to the staff member, the allergic reaction was reversed. Fortunately she completely recovered from the allergic reaction, and she did not go to the Emergency Room for further assistance.

Thanks to Malbis Parkway Pediatric Dentistry’s emergency response plan, the staff addressed and alleviated a critical emergency. The practice’s plan included these important steps:

  • Having a HealthFirst Emergency Medical Kit readily available
  • Ensuring the life-saving drugs were up to date
  • Knowing where the kit was located
  • Training regularly for emergency preparedness

Following this fortunate outcome, the team was able to keep spirits bright through the rest of the holiday season.


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