Medical Waste Contracts – Read the Fine Print

medical waste disposal contracts

ADAnews recently published an article regarding dental offices issues arising from their medical waste contracts. Multiple dentists across the country are contacting the ADA to report escalating fees that were not explicitly stated in contracts from a leading medical waste pickup service.

The contracts are also automatically renewing with increased prices and a small window to cancel before it re-ups for several more years.

The full article is found at the following link Stericycle contracts: Read the fine print

Below are examples of doctors who are experiencing huge increases in their annual pickup services fees.

medical waste pickup service contracts in the US

Medical Waste Mailback Services: No Contracts, No Escalating Fees

Many dental offices are finding relief from their traditional medical waste contracts by moving to mailback services, such as the HealthFirst Sharps Management line of products, which are endorsed by ADA Business Resources. Sharps and medical waste mailback services provide an economical alternative to costly, long-term contracts normally associated with traditional pick up services.

Typical mailback kits include specially packaged sharps containers with pre-paid shipping, waste processing and tracking services included.   Smaller 1-quart to 2-gallon containers, ideal for dental needles and ampules, are available in single and multi-packs for use in each operatory. Large capacity containers are also available, which are perfect for the removal of full sharps containers and “red bag” medical waste from your practice.

These self-managed programs allow the generator to fill a package to capacity and decide when to return the package for waste processing.  This allows the customer to maximize the cost savings for the service.




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