Celebrate Earth Day With a Greener Dental Practice


As we celebrate Earth Day on Saturday (April 22), HealthFirst joins with companies nationwide seeking ways to lessen our impact on the earth.

You can do your part, too. Dental practices, like all businesses, produce waste. The difference though is that many dental wastes can have a negative environmental impact unless properly recovered and transported to an approved processing facility for recycling, destruction or disposal.

HealthFirst is committed to a greener, cleaner Earth! That’s why we offer easy-to-use, turnkey solutions for sharps waste, medical waste, amalgam waste, pharmaceutical waste, and lead waste.  Our mail-back solutions will save you money while you do your part in making a greener practice.

Have any More Questions About Dental Waste?

Contact a HealthFirst Compliance Counselor to discuss how our mail-back dental waste disposal products can help your practice stay compliant while saving you money.

Bryan is the Product Manager for the Environmental and Infection Control product lines at HealthFirst. Bryan comes with an extensive background in the waste industry and was instrumental in the development of HealthFirst's Sharps Management, Medical Waste Mangement, Amalgam and Pharmaceutical Waste Recovery product lines.


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