Preventing accidental deaths in dental practices

Accidental deaths in dental practices

Accidental deaths among children in dental practices are painful for everyone involved. Recent tragedies have led the Dental Board of California (DBC) to consider new regulations on the administration of anesthesia. While an NBC news report covers the DBC’s review and opinions from concerned parties, HealthFirst reminds the dental community about the importance of emergency preparedness.

NBC raised the question of “whether dentists can safely apply anesthesia while working on your teeth?”  The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) called upon the DBC to ban dentists from performing anesthesia themselves. The NBC report also shared other subject matter experts’ opinions that dentists should rely on anesthesiologists to administer anesthesia.

Another safety step: emergency preparedness

Despite discussing anesthesia regulations, the NBC report does not highlight medical emergency preparedness.  The standard of care in dentistry calls for an emergency medical kit in every dental office.  Even if a dental practice has an anesthesiologist perform sedation, it is still imperative to have the appropriate set of medications and devices readily available.

Emergency medical kits for dental offices

HealthFirst offers a variety of emergency medical kits for dentistry and oral surgery, ranging from the basic SM7 kit to its Mobile ACLS kit.  Also, HealthFirst will track the expiration dates of medications and automatically send replacements before expiration. With this service, dentists’ emergency medical kits are always up to date.

Patient safety is a serious issue. Parents, the AAP, and concerned dentists all want to improve standards and regulations.  HealthFirst is ready to do its part to help equip and train dental practices in emergency preparedness.


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